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Timmy Abell - Music - Songwriting/Performance
African American Dance Ensemble - Dance
Anjail Rashida Ahmad - Literature
Alban Elved Dance Company/Karola L├╝ttringhaus - Dance
Malaika King Albrecht - Literature
John W. Alexander - Music - Composition/Performance
Lloyd Arneach - Theater
Fred Bahnson - Literature
Michael Beadle - Literature
Belle Boggs - Literature
Sheila Webster Boneham - Literature
Laura Boosinger - Music - Songwriting/Performance
Beverly Botsford - Music - Composition/Performance
N. Cameron Britt - Music - Composition/Performance
Jeannette Brossart - Visual Arts
Kathleen Campbell - Visual Arts
Wiley Cash - Literature
Jody Cassell - Dance
Charlotte Ballet - Dance
Children's Theatre of Charlotte's Tarradiddle Players - Theater